Bathroom Supplies

Air Freshener Dispenser

Air Freshener Dispenser, the only dispenser on the market capable of working wick air fresheners through its innovative and patent pending quick-change design. Save time, save money and simplify your life with the incredible Flex dispenser! Available in white or black, both with secure locking mechanism.

  • Contains a molecular odor counteractant that effectively fights odors, rather than merely masking them.
  • Covers 6,000 cubic feet
  • Reliable gravity-operated system; doesn't depend on batteries, fuel cells, or any other artificial means of power

Fresh Seat Toilet Cleaners

FreshSeat Toilet Seat Cleaner is neater, faster, and safer than paper toilet seat covers.  FreshSeat prevents the mess and waste of paper seat covers and toilet tissue used in the attempt to cover a public toilet seat.  With FreshSeat, you can enjoy a clean, fresh, save toilet seat with just a swipe of FreshSeat’s cleaning foam.  With up to 700 one-second sprays per can, save time and money in usage, cleaning, and servicing by using FreshSeat Toilet Seat Cleaner.

Stoko Refresh Foam Dispenser

Refresh Moisturizing Foam Soap. Foam soap that offers thick, luxurious lather, a fresh fragrance and is gentle to the skin, even with everyday use.

EcoSoft™ Single Roll Bath Tissue

EcoSoft™ is 100% recycled, meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste, and is embossed for softness. EcoSoft™ bath tissue multiple configuration options make this tissue ideal for facilities that have green mandates. Our product comes double Ply with 48 rolls per case at 750 sheets per roll.

EcoSoft™ Controlled Roll Towels 31300

The EcoSoft™ controlled roll towel satisfies those seeking to achieve green status for their facility and purchase toweling products with methods less harmful to the environment.  This roll towel is 100% recycled and contains a minimum of 50% post-consumer waste, which exceeds EPA guidelines.  EcoSoft™ controlled roll towels provide added value and benefits such as usage control and cost savings when combined with Wausau Paper controlled roll towel dispensers.  This quality roll towel is high-capacity and best suited for heavy traffic areas.