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What We Do

Founded in 1972, QMI has experienced continual growth, yet has remained a family owned and operated business. QMI specializes in the renting of mats, dust mops, towels, bathroom products, and linens for every business need. Quality pricing, quality products and quality service have always been our core principles


While most of our business is rental, QMI also offers a pick up, cleaning, and drop off service for customer owned mats on as needed basis. Just call us when you need your floor mats cleaned, and we will schedule pickup and delivery times to fit your schedule.


  • Mats

    QMI's floor mats keep dirt and dust at the door. With our weekly service you get a great impression with your customers..

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  • Towels

    QMI offers a wide variety of towels for your staff and customers use. With our attention to quality, you always get a clean and high quality towel.

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  • Linens

    QMI offers a wide variety of table linens. We have upgraded our facility to offer you state of art quality

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  • Mops

    QMI offers a wide variety of both wet and dry mops for your every need. We are continually updating our inventory to give you the highest quality possible.

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  • Restaurant/Kitchen Supplies

    QMI offers a wide variety of kitchen, waitress staff and chef aprons. We are continually upgrading our inventory to keep your employees looking great.

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  • Bathroom Supplies

    QMI provides a wide variety of bathroom supplies. With our weekly service, we make sure you never run out of product and you bathrooms smell good.

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How we do it

Quality Pricing

Our quality pricing exists because we do not have the overhead costs that our large corporate competitors do. We can pass these savings on to our business partners. After all, if our partners succeed, we succeed.

Quality Products

At QMI, the utmost importance is poured upon the quality of our products; we ensure that the products we supply are the best in the industry, and we are always updating our inventory.

Quality Service

Our quality service stems from years of experience. We have serviced reputable businesses for over 30 years. Our fleet of veteran drivers service you when your business demands it, not at their convenience. They are also continuously trained on new products and services that they can recommend as your needs change. We are available by phone to come out between scheduled deliveries when necessary.


30% Online Inventory Increase

With the launch of a new website, QMI now offers a larger variety of mats.

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QMI launches new website

QMI launched a new website to better promote and advertise their brand.

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QMI Fleet Expansion

QMI expands its fleet to better serve customers.

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QMI encourages your questions and comments. Please call us or send us an email using the customer service link below..





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